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Lexington Living Landscapes: Kill Your Lawn, with Dan Jaffe Wilder

March 24, 2022


7:00 pm

10:30 pm

Every house in America should be fronted with a non-native monoculture with the maintenance requirements of a golf course and the ecological value of a strip mine; a place where all flowers are called weeds and signs essentially saying “keep off” are the norm.

Does that idea seem a bit odd to you? It’s time to take a second look at this idea we call lawn. Join Dan Jaffe Wilder, co-author of Native Plants for New England Gardens and Director of Applied Ecology at Norcross Wildlife Foundation, to learn about options available to us, from whole lawn replacement to managing existing lawn in more ecologically beneficial ways. From well-known plants to brand new introductions, we will discuss various options that fit the needs of various lawn spaces.

Held over zoom. Hosted in partnership with Cary Memorial Library. Co-sponsored by the Lexington Conservation Division.

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