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Learn how projects are getting done, and let others know what you are doing. Find collaborators or professionals to work with you on your next project. Get inspired, inspire others. Projects are arranged by Ecoregion- areas characterized by ecological patterns and factors including…

Ecoregions are characterized by ecological patterns and factors including soil health, flora and fauna, and climatic conditions.

  • Meadow – Private Residence

    Eco-region: 84 Date: 2020 Size: 0.5 acres Project Description: Planted in October, 2020, this flowering native meadow on Long Island is growing primarily from seed with supplemental plug and bare-root plantings. To prepare the site, we mowed the vegetation (a significant weed population) and followed up with two applications of a vinegar solution. After dethatching […]
  • East Hampton, NY Village Green and Methodist Lane Bioswales

    Eco-region: 84 Date: 2017; 2021 Size: Village Green – 1.75 Acres; Methodist lane +/- 1 acre Project Description: A public private partnership with East Hampton Town and Village, Surfrider Foundation, Easthampton Town Community Preservation Fund, Piazza Horticultural and private donors, these projects are focused on dealing with the water quality issues facing the Hook Pond […]

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